AGM-65E Maverick missiles back in production

The US Air Force awarded external link Raytheon Missile Systems a $47.9 million contract for 469 Maverick units.

According to the company, the Maverick is a precision-attack missile for the air, naval and marine forces of 30 countries. Maverick is certified for use on more than 25 aircraft, including helicopters, fighters, attack and patrol aircraft.

More than 69,000 missiles have been produced to date, and more than 6,000 have been used in combat, with 93 percent accuracy.

The missile’s guidance software provides attack capability around-the-clock against fixed high-value targets, high-speed moving and maneuvering armored vehicles, ships and fast boats, and targets of opportunity.

Targets of opportunity provide all-altitude point-and-shoot flexibility ideally suited for time-critical strike in urban close air support and maritime operations.

Raytheon will perform work in Tucson, Arizona. Estimated completion date is September 30, 2021.