Involvement of a large company of Greek interests, with the Iranian tanker

Of particular interest is the exclusive report by the international news agency Reuters on the ship (Grace 1, before its renaming), dated March 20, 2019, as it features a well-known Greek oil company that deals, through a ship it controls, uploading Iranian oil, which is alleged to have been “baptized” as  Iraqi.

Reuters reports that it has analyzed details of the ship’s route since its reappearance and after it had stopped 500 kilometers south of the Iraqi coast, reporting its position.

When it reappeared, however, the ship seemed to have filled its tanks with oil. January 16-22, 2019, Grace 1 unloads oil into two smaller tankers off Fujairah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here lies the violation of US sanctions again imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

One of the two ships, according to Reuters’ exclusive report, was the 130,000 tonne “Kriti Island” of the well-known firm Avin International SA, which belongs to the Vardinogiannis Group (any clarification or denial is certainly welcome, as Defence-point does nothing more than reproduce a report it has found concerning the Iranian ship in question).

The report then states that “Kriti Island” emptied the oil it had received in storage tanks in Singapore on February 5-7, with Reuters stating that it failed to identify who subsequently supplied the oil.

Concerning the official position of Avin International’s –  a company belonging to Greek interests – this was expressed by Managing Director George Mylonas, who confirmed that “Kriti Island” had received oil from Grace 1.

However, he denied on behalf of the company any knowledge that the oil could be Iranian, with Avin International having carried out all due diligence to ascertain the origin of the cargo.

Mr. Mylonas even sent the COO: Certificate of Origin e-mail of the cargo given by the Blutide company who used the Avin tanker to ship the oil to Singapore.

Indeed, Reuters reports, the Certificate states that the oil was loaded at Grace 1 in Basra, Iraq on December 10-12, 2018. George Mylonas insisted in all tones that his company had done all the necessary checks for each of them. of the parties involved, companies or individuals.

He concluded that there is no question of the disputed origin of the cargo, which “Kriti Island” proceeds to loading and shipping to Singapore.

All that had been reported to AVIN by the ship chartering company concerning Iran was a stop that Grace 1 made in Iranian waters, with a view to – allegedly – repairing the ship’s diesel generators before leaving for Fujairah.

(ed. Defence-Point: At this point it should be noted that there is activity in the region by persons of Greek origin in the broader field of petroleum trading … who have concerned Greek media) .