Palestinian attacks IDF soldiers with grenades

Late on August 22, a Palestinian gunman approached the separation fence around the Gaza Strip and attacked a group of Israeli soldiers with several hand grenades in what appears to be another “lone wolf attack.”

In a short press release, the Israeli military said that its units were able to “stop” the attacker, without clarifying his fate.

“The terrorist hurled several grenades at IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] soldiers … The troops charged and stopped the terrorist,” the press release reads.

According to initial reports, no Israeli service members were killed or injured in the “lone wolf attack.”

Meanwhile, Palestinian activists said that the Israeli military is preventing first responders from reaching the site of the incident. Some sources even claimed that the attacker may be still a live, but injured.

Last week, a group of five Palestinian gunmen were killed by the IDF while attempting to infiltrate the separation fence around the Gaza Strip. Back then, Israel limited its response to a single pinpoint airstrike.