US DoD prints card decks with Iranian weapons

At the time of the invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon had printed decks of playing cards, with figures of familiar designs on the cards replaced by photos of Saddam Hussein and his close associates. Today, the US Department of Defense has printed new decks featuring the weapons of the Iranian Armed Forces and the Pasdaran, Revolutionary Guards, Tehran. Missiles, tanks, and cannons.

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) published on its website the Pentagon paper, which presents the deck of cards. This system, in theory, contributes to the ability of US troops to recognize the weapons systems available to the Iranian military. But in reality it is a psychological warfare tactic at a time of great tension between the US and Iran, through multiple incidents lately.

In the past, the Pentagon has distributed decks featuring Russian and Chinese weapon systems to its troops, and is preparing a similar deck with North Korean weapons, another major US “enemy.”