Israeli rocket attack on surroundings of Damascus

Contrary to what is usually the case, on Sunday, an Israeli military spokesman announced that a coordinated air force operation was being conducted in the Damascus area, where bases controlled by pro-Syrian Shiite militias are being co-ordinated by Iranian Al Quds militia.

According to the Israeli Armed Forces, the air operation was intended to prevent a coordinated attack by the above-mentioned organizations that would have deployed a large number of Iranian drones that would strike many areas within Israeli territory, with a focus on the wider Golan Heights territory. and in northern Israel. It was not clear what the targets would be for Iranian drones to strike inside Israel.

This is the first time Israel has formally announced that it is operating within Syria (and even while the operation was in full swing) – while usually, when this is the case, Israel is commented on by its political officials after the fact and in general. reiterating that it is Israel’s right and duty to uphold its territorial integrity.

In a written statement, Prime Minister Netanyahu said there will be no tolerance for Iran.

According to state-run Israeli radio, there have been no casualties to Israeli forces – as opposed to what is being said by the pro=Iranian forces in Damascus – and that alert military units have been deployed in the North and that top officials in the Golan have been properly notified.

According to local media, anti-missile launchers of the Iron Dome system have already been deployed in the northern Israeli provinces and the Golan Heights.

Prime Minister Netanyahu convened an extraordinary meeting tonight at the Israeli Armed Forces Headquarters.

It was also announced that a massive Iranian attack on Israel via Syria with drones was due to take place last Thursday, but because – in all probability Israel delayed it (no further details) – the operation was postponed and was to be implemented in the early hours of today (shortly after midnight on Sunday 25/8).

From the Syrian side, Assad regime television does not mention Israeli claims of impending coordinated attack against Israel by pro-Iran forces in Syria and focuses on the Israeli air force conducting further operations without any further details, obviously for security reasons.

Meanwhile, a military source quoted by official Syrian agency SANA, said that at 11:30 PM on Saturday, air defenses detected hostile targets approaching from above the Golan towards the surroundings of Damascus, and the attack was dealt with immediately and efficiently, destroying most of the Israeli rockets before they could reach their targets,