Avia.pro: Russian Su-35 force Israeli aircraft to return to base

According to a source quoted by Russian site avia.pro, two Su-35 combat fighters scrambled from the Khmeimim Russian military airbase tonight, which entered airspace over the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, forcing Israeli combat aircraft to strike at the southern suburbs of the Syrian capital.

Experts note, according to the site, that the use of Russian Su-35s may mean that Israel still does not coordinate its attacks on Syria with the Russian military, but no official statements have been made in this regard.

There is some evidence, notes the site, that due to the Russian military aircraft, Israel was unable to use its fighter jets to attack neighboring Lebanon, instead using unmanned aerial vehicles using stand-off weapons, but the latter were shot down under mysterious circumstances.

It should be clarified that Israel officially confirmed its participation in the launching of missile strikes on the territory of Syria, justifying its actions allegedly as an attempt to disrupt the Iranian drone attack, which, however, raises a lot of doubts among analysts.