Greek government to establish National Defence University

The Greek government intends to establish a National Defense University, which will include all the Military Schools, stated the Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos in a letter sent to the Armed Forces General Staff.

The Minister of National Defense calls on the staff of the Defense Ministry to make a specific recommendation on the proposal for the National Defense University. The Ministry of Defense has reportedly already mapped the existing structures of the Military Schools as well as the in-house material and existing administrative and training staff.

At the same time he has studied the needs of the teaching staff. One of the main goals of the University, once established, will be to support defense research and technology in collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes of Greece and abroad.

The Ministry of National Defense is seeking to join the new electronic admission form in 2020, provided the venture does not clash with the additional funding required by the State Accounting Office.

Initially, the University will have a Management Committee, which will be appointed by the Minister of Defense. According to the information, the Military Schools that will join the new University are:
> Evelpidon (Army cadets),
> Naval cadets
> Icaron (Air Force cadets),
> Corps Officers’ school,
> Military Physician Officer school,

also being considered for joiningare the Schools:
> Higher Military NCO School,
> Army NCO,
> Navy NCO and
> Air Force NCO