Invader kitsch: Turkish AF release videos comparing the razing of Smyrna with the battle of Mazinkert

In Turkey, August 27th is celebrated as the “day of the great attack” on the Greek Army which led to their “liberation” of Izmir from the “Greek occupation forces”. With two propaganda videos, Ankara links the victory at Magikert in 1071 with the start of the final assault in 1922 and the fall of Izmir

That is why today the Turkish Ministry of Defense has released two “anniversary videos” discovered by

And this is because, as with today’s old calendar, the last Greek soldiers left Izmir and the first Turkish horsemen entered it.

For Turkey it is also called “Victory Week”, as according to a related tweet by Turkish YPAM, they link the victory at Majikert on August 26, 1071, which finalized the presence of the Ottoman Turks in Asia Minor at the expense of Byzantium. with the start of the “great attack” on August 26 that resulted in the fall of Smyrna.