Syrian Army deploys strong forces to Hama, Lattakia for 2nd phase of military operations

The Syrian Army dispatched massive military convoys to Northwestern Hama and Eastern Lattakia over the past 24 hours in preparation for a new phase of the military operations to clear terrorists from Northern Syria, while it reinforced its military positions in Jabal Shahshabou region in Northwestern Hama.

Army sources pointed to the arrival of over 500 Syrian Army troops as well as tens of tank and artillery in Tal Hawash town in al-Saqalbieh in Northwestern Hama, and said that the Syrian Army intends to take control of the town of Jabal Shahshabou where the Turkish-occupied areas are located.

The Syrian Army reinforced its military positions in Jabal Shahshabou region in Northwestern Hama.

Army sources reiterated that the Syrian Army has sent massive military equipment comprising heavy weapons, tanks and missile-launchers to the battlefronts in Northeastern Lattakia.

The sources pointed to deploying military equipment in the Syrian Army’s military points in the surrounding areas of the strategic town of Kabaneh in Northeastern Lattakia, and said that the Syrian Army troops are preparing for military attacks on this region.


The Syrian Army’s ground and air forces pounded the military positions and movements of terrorists in Southern Idlib, and inflicted heavy losses on them and destroyed their defense lines.

The Syrian Army troops, backed by artillery units and air force, engaged in fierce clashes with Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists in several directions near the city of al-Tamaneh in Southern Idlib, killing 20 militants and destroying their military equipment.

The Arabic-language Al-Watan newspaper, meantime, reported that the Syrian Air Force pounded the terrorists’ military positions South of Idlib, including Jarjnaz, Kafar Sajneh, al-Tamaneh and the surrounding areas of Ma’aret al-Numan, destroying several terrorist targets as well as destroying a number of weapons and military equipment, including three tanks and killing all militants inside them.

The Arabic-language website of the Russian Sputnik News Agency pointed to the collapse of terrorists’ defense lines in the towns and regions in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib, and said the Syrian Army troops have taken control of the biggest and deepest network of tunnels of the terrorists in these regions which had been built with the help of international experts over the past seven years.

Meantime, the Arabic-language media outlets reported that the Turkish government is trying to prevent the Syrian Army troops’ advances towards the strategic city of Ma’aret al-Numan in Southern Idlib by setting up new military posts as the Damascus government forces are regaining control of more regions.

The Arabic-language Xeber24 quoted media activists in Idlib as saying that the Turkish Army troops in a new attempt in Idlib have set up new observation posts in Heish region and Water Pump station in Sida near Ma’aret al-Numan city in Southern Idlib.

They pointed to the entry of Turkish military delegation, including 16 Turkish officers, to the two regions, and said that Ankara intends to set up a new military base for its troops and its terrorist cronies.

The media activists reiterated that the Tal-e Heish (Heish hilltops) strategic region is directly overlooking Ma’aret al-Numan Highway in Southern Idlib and Mourek in Northern Hama.

Ankara is trying to build new structures in Southern Idlib as the Syrian Army intends to make advances towards Ma’aret al-Numan city in Southern Idlib with the aim of liberating Aleppo-Damascus Highway after its recent victory in taking full control of Khan Sheikhoun.