Su-34 fighter-bombers and An-26 transports land on highway in Russia (vid)

A new video shows a dozen supersonic jets using a major highway – currently under-construction – as a landing strip during a military exercise in central Russia.

The footage, released by the Russian Defense Ministry on Wednesday, shows Russian pilots skillfully flying supersonic Su-34 fighter-bombers, painted in the traditional aqua blue color scheme. They fly in formation and then smoothly land on a highway in Tatarstan, central Russia. The An-26 transport planes can be seen touching down on the road as well.

Major highways in Russia are designed to have sections for military aircraft to land on in case of armed conflict or emergency. In all, a dozen Su-34s and two An-26s took part in the drill. The army also tested out its newest refueling trucks.

The Su-34 jets began entering service in the 2010s.