Nordic Monitor: AKP cadre displays decapitated head in Syrian “safari”

A former member of the AKP youth branch, and an officer, in the Turkeni units/Turkish mercenaries appears in several photos that Nordic Monitor, a site known for its vehement, yet substantiated, attacks on the Erdogan regime has posted, online.

As the article mentions, accompanied by a host of incriminating photos is this is, yet, another case of total collusion with the AKP state and known terrorists. The Turkish Islamist militant appeared in a video brandishing a decapitated head turned out to be an official of the youth branch of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) before joining the jihadist cause in Syria.

The story tells itself, unfortunately, not just for Turkey, but for humanity that turns its back on what is going on.

The sordid tale (not for the weak of heart) continues HERE