Video of alleged flight over the Aegean by Turkish DefMin is just fake news (vid)

Turkey has now swooped to utilizing cheap and “fake” propaganda tricks. A video was released which, according to the Turkish side, shows Defense Minister Hulusi Akar on a training flight over the Aegean. Such a flight never took place in the FIR Athens at any recent time, noted Hellas citing reliable sources from the Hellenic General Staff.

The nearly 4-minute video shows Hulusi Akar preparing, getting on the plane, and taking off. Some of the shots show the plane to be flying over the sea, but nowhere is it clear that this is the Aegean Sea and in particular areas within the FIR of Athens.

Watching the video of the Turks, it appears that the formation was moving towards the Aegean region, but without taking any illegal action in violation of international air traffic rules or violations of Greek national airspace, as it moves over Turkish territory, at least along the Turkish shores of the Aegean.