Another contract for Turkey’s shipbuilders

Another export contract was won by the Turkish shipbuilding industry. More specifically, a Turkmen “class” Corvette is to be built in the Turkmenbashi shipyards of Turkmenistan by the Turkish “Gülhan & Dearsan Orş Ortaklığı” (“Gulhan & Dearsan Business Partnership”) shipyards.

The Turkish-designed Corvette ordered by the Turkmen Navy will be 65 meters long and will be equipped with many Turkish-designed and manufactured weapon and electronic systems.

As shown by the model recently presented by the Turkish company, the new Corvette will be equipped with an OtoMelara Super Rapid 76 mm / 62 caliber main gun, eight vertical rocket launchers, two STAMP-type 12.7 mm- remote control gun platforms, and two Aselsan 30mm SMASH remote control gun platforms.

In addition, it will carry an Aselsan Gökdeniz missile defense system equipped with two 35mm guns, a DSH anti-submarine rocket launcher, and two consumables launcher systems. It is worth noting that the Corvette will be able to support but not host a 10-ton helicopter.

Dearsan Turkish Yard has a significant presence in Turkmenistan since it has so far sold 10 Tuzla offshore patrol boats, two boats, 6 33-meter high-speed craft, 5 search and rescue vessels, a hydrographic vessel,  and a passenger ship.