Iraqi forces kill nine ISIS fighters southwest of Mosul

Iraqi security forces killed nine Islamic State (ISIS) militants in a village southwest of Mosul on Tuesday.

Brigadier general Yahya Rasoul, the spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, tweeted the news of the operation in the al-Sahaji area on Tuesday. Iraqi military intelligence , Iraqi forces in the Nineveh province, and the US-led international anti-ISIS coalition air forces participated in the attack, according to Rasoul.

The Falcon Intelligence Cell confirmed the death of nine ISIS militants in southwestern Mosul on Tuesday through a Facebook post.

Mosul was occupied by ISIS in the summer of 2014 before its liberation by Iraqi, Kurdish, and international coalition forces in the summer of 2017. Iraq announced victory over the group in December of that year.

However, remnants of ISIS have returned to earlier insurgency tactics of ambushing security forces, kidnapping, executing suspected informants, and extorting money from vulnerable, rural populations, particularly the disputed Iraqi-Kurdish territories and other parts of the north.

According to a US Department of Defense report to the US Congress published in August, ISIS are “working to rebuild their capabilities” in Iraq and Syria.

“ISIS is rebuilding in remote territory, which is hard for Iraqi forces to secure,” the report said, and is “able to recruit in these areas [Iraq’s northern and western provinces] using family and tribal connections.”