Third accident in a few days: Mid-air collision of Russian Su-34s

Two Russian Su-34 bombers collided in mid-air, according to the Russian REN-TV network. Both aircraft were able to land and no one was injured, but the aircraft suffered serious damage. According to the same network, the collision took place over the Lipetsk region.

The two aircraft were carrying out a training flight. According to preliminary information, the two aircraft came in contact due to loss of visual contact.

On Thursday, a Mi-8 military helicopter crashed in Russia’s Saratov region.

The helicopter crew was able to leave it and no injuries were reported, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The helicopter crashed during takeoff.

On Tuesday, a Russian Sukhoi Su-25 fighter jet crashed in the Stavropol region.

The bodies of the Russian Su-25 pilots were found near the crash site on Wednesday. At the same time, according to a spokesman for local emergency services, both black boxes of the aircraft were found.