PKK kills Turkish commando chief

As reported by Turkish media, the Commander of the Special Forces of Mardin, Tufan Kansuba was killed by Kurdish fire. He is a Turkish officer who was distinguished in the war with the PKK Kurds.

The Brigadier  Commander-in-Chief of the Mardin Special Forces was seriously injured and was taken to a state hospital where he succumed to his wounds. Mardin, in southeastern Turkey, is an area where the atmosphere is explosive and conflict is raging.

It is recalled that three mayors recently elected belonging to the pro-Kurdish party (HDP) were ousted, one of whom was Mardin’s mayor, Ahmed Turk.

It is worth noting that in the past 24 hours, a Kurdish military assault on a Turkish military convoy was recorded in the area. One Turkish soldier was killed and two others were injured in the fracas.