Hezbollah claims israeli drone shot down

Hezbollah says it shot down an Israeli military drone outside the Southern town of Ramyah after the group vowed that Israel will no longer be allowed to violate Lebanon’s airspace with impunity.

Hezbollah said its air defense forces shot down the aircraft early Monday as it crossed the border of Lebanon, adding that it had already recovered the Israeli drone’s remains.

The Israeli military confirmed that it had lost a “small drone” in Lebanon but claimed that the aircraft had crashed and had not been targeted.

The Tel Aviv regime also downplayed the fact that Hezbollah was holding the aircraft’s wreckage, saying it contained no sensitive intelligence on board.

The type of UAV, or whether it was a commercial or a military grade surveillance drone, is unknown, as Hezbollah is yet to release any footage.

It comes amid heightened tensions between Hezbollah and the Israeli military after the resistance group announced that two Israeli drones had been destroyed near the Lebanese capital of Beirut in late August.