Three ISIS terrorists convicted of plotting railway bombings near Moscow

Three members of the Islamic State global terrorist network have been sentenced to lenghty prison terms ranging 10 to 15 years for plotting terrorist attacks against railways in the Moscow Region, Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB, said.

The investigation uncovered that one of the three, identified as B.A. Tuichiyev, was recruiting militants to fight for the Islamic State terrorist organization, in addition to arranging their travel and transportation to the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Together with another perpetrator, A.M. Tlupov, he plotted terrorist attacks in the Moscow Region, targeting the transportation infrastructure and the rolling stock of the Moscow Railway’s Yaroslavsky and Paveletsky lines, the FSB said.

Tuichiyev and Tlupov acquired chemicals and components for making a makeshift explosive device. The Moscow District Military Court sentenced Anzor Tlupov to 13 years in a maximum security penitentiary, Bakhtovar Tuichiyev to 15 years in jail and his brother (and accomplice) Manuchekhr Tuichiyev, to ten years behind bars.