Hayat Tahrir al-Sham field commander quits group due to massive corruption, lack of ‘fair salaries’

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham’s (HTS) jihad appears to be failing due to corruption and fraud in the group itself.

In a 19-minute video, HTS Field commander Abu Abd al-Ashda spoke about leaving the group because the corruption was too much. The video was published on the media resources of the terrorists.

According to Abu Abd, the leadership of the HTS was aware of the impending offensive of the Syrian Army in the north of the province of Hama a few months in advance, but did not bother to organize defensive structures and establish logistics for the supply of weapons to the front. He noted that the millions of dollars that the HTS had for rearmament simply disappeared.

Another reason for the success of the summer campaign of the Syrian Army, according to him was the inept management of human and material resources of the groups.

He emphasized that the association had lost key and experienced jihadists who were thrown like cannon fodder at the fronts in Hama.

In addition, hundreds of militants refused to participate in the hostilities due to the fact that the HTS simply did not pay them a decent salary, although it had the opportunity.

Abu Abd also spoke about money dealings in the HTS being special – management fill their own pockets, and those of their relatives. These people were placed in high positions in the association simply due to their relatives.

He also mentioned the high taxes that jihadists collect from businessmen working in territories under their control. All the funds raised were simply distributed among the gang leaders. According to Abu Abd, this has forced many field commanders to leave the alliance.

In addition, Abu Abd noted that the HTS uses religion for its own selfish purposes. In the end, he called for the rebellion of all those who disagree with politics in the HTS.

Abu Abdu al-Ashdi was a key figure in Aleppo, where he commanded the defense of the areas that remained under the control of militants in the fall of 2016.