Shock and awe: International coalition drops 36 tons of bombs on ISIS hideout in Iraq (vid)

Dozens of tons of bombs have been dropped by US-led international coalition planes to destroy an ISIS jihadist hideout on an island on the Tigris River in northern Iraq!

F15 and F35 aircraft took part in the bombardment, which was part of the international alliance’s operations against ISIS and Iraqi forces. The terrorist organization was defeated in Iraq in 2017, but it is being reconstituted, according to US and Iraqi officials, with its core continuing the deadly bombings in the country.

Carpet bombing against ISIS
The impressive video posted on Twitter by the alliance shows massive explosions rocking the island of Canou in Salahaddin province north of Baghdad, and smoke mushrooms rising to the sky as carpet bombing is under way.

That’s what it looks like when F15 and F35 fighters drop 36 tonnes of bombs at an ISIS islandhideaway according to Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) spokesman Major Miles B. Cageins said in the video caption. The video then shows Iranian forces watching the operation from the ground.

The bombardment was intended to drive ISIS Sunni extremists off the island, in the dense vegetation they had taken refuge in and used as a base to launch attacks, even with … trapped by explosive cows!