Did Israel’s Mossad wiretap the White House

In breaking reports, media in Israel report that a new espionage scandal has emerged between the US and Israel, two allied countries, with a strong likelihood of new serious problems in bilateral relations.

Former top US security officials, who spoke with Politico magazine, revealed that last year (2018), US spyware detected cellphone wiretapping machinery near the White House.

The devices were reportedly there for two years, with the same officials laying responsibility on Israel, and the most likely target of the wiretaps was US President Trump himself. Not that tapping phone conversations from other top White House officials wouldn’t be a huge success …

The Israelis – apparently – deny any involvement in espionage against the United States. A spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Washington called the reports “utter nonsense”, echoing the … extremely common: “Israel does not conduct espionage operations in the US, period!”