Canada honors brave Nurse who saved orphans during the genocide of the Christians of Asia Minor

Last week, a monument was erected in Nova Scotia, Canada in honor of Canadian nurse Sara Corning who worked for the Red Cross and Near East Relief.

Corning provided aid primarily to Greek and Armenian orphans in Yerevan, Merzifon, Smyrna and later in Greece as a result of the genocide.

She was awarded the Silver Cross Medal by King George ll of Greece in 1923 for her tireless and selfless work. A plaque at the monument reads:

“From a grateful Armenian people, in honour of Sarah Corning, who rescued and cared for thousands of Greek and Armenian orphans from 1919-1930, during the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire from 1915-1923.”

Congratulations to the Sara Corning Society, the Armenian community and all those involved with this endeavor. More info about the life and work of Sara Corning at