Iran: IRGC Navy vessels equipped with new anti-ship cruise missiles

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)’s Navy has mounted anti-ship cruise missiles with a range of 300km on its Tondar vessels, images of the Sunday military parades in the Persian Gulf showed.

Tondar vessel which weighs 205 tons and can voyage at a speed of 65km/h was earlier equipped with Nour missiles.

Images taken of the Sunday nationwide parades showed that Qadir cruise missiles with a range of 300km have replaced Nour missiles on the vessel.

The Iranian naval forces for the first time in January 2018 tested the home-made long-range Qadir cruise missile during the wargames underway in the Sea of Oman.

The missile could destroy simulated enemy targets deep in the sea during the military exercises codenamed Mohammad Rasoulollah (PBUH) which was held in the country’s Southern and Southeastern waters, South Makran region and the Northern coastline of the Sea of Oman.

Qadir is a new generation of cruise missiles capable of destroying marine targets with high precision and power. It can be fired from coasts and vessels both.