YPG announces arrest of chief financial-officer of the ISIS sleeper cells, in Syria

The YPG press office released an announcement according to which its forces, after a lengthy technical and physical surveillance, the YPG Counter-Terrorist Units carried out an operation against an ISIS sleeper cell on September 1st in the Deir Ezzor region.

In the operation which was carried out against a number of ISIS commanders, the chief financial officer of the terrorists in the region, by the name of Mohammed Remedan Eyd al-Talah was arrested. A number of weapons, armament and organizational documents, as well as stacks of money, was seized during the operation.

The following was seized and confiscated in the operation:

2 Mosin-Nagant weapons

2 AKS-74U weapons

2 Hunting weapons


1 Glock

Military clothes

2 Telephones

1 AK-47

And miscellaneous armament