NGOs being probed by Greek intelligence for ties with human traffickers and jihadists

Thirty-five NGO executives are under scrutiny, according to press reports, for dealings with traffickers and terrorists.

According to Kontra news, the Greek authorities were able to decipher the conversations that the executives of these NGOs had with Turkish smugglers.

In particular, five suspected NGOs in Greece are being investigated for espionage which – according to a well-informed source – had developed close links with the Turkish mafia of traffickers to bring immigrants to the Greek islands.

These NGOs operated with a structured criminal gang structure as evidenced by the first elements that came under the attention of the Greek intelligence Agency EYP.

EYP assumes that the network of the five NGOs also cooperated with MIT agents who direct migrants to Greece through controlled circuits of traffickers. It is not excluded that a number of major executives of alleged humanitarian organizations once the investigation is completed could face serious charges, including espionage.

The activities of NGOs have come under the microscope of other government agencies. Tens of millions of euros of accounts are being scrutinized in this direction because there is good evidence that black money was being laundered.

The authorities are attempting to cross-check accounts that belong to Turkish traffickers as well as other members of the criminal gang.

These NGOs are mainly active in the islands but also in Athens. In fact, one of them was behind the seizure of public buildings for which they also received subsidies.

Mafia-based NGO executives forced refugees and immigrants into occupied buildings to pay large sums of money for their stay. Otherwise, they were threatened with eviction and beatings. The information gathered about these NGOs is “scorching” and has triggered the mobilization of the EYP and state security. It is reported that a thorough screening will be carried out on all NGOs active in migration. The control will not only be limited to financial transactions but also to the path of their various executives who have been stationed in Greece for years.

They are professional activists who are trained in various communications systems while appearing to have connections both with gangs of human trafficking and with known jihadists.

The purpose of the research is to clarify the landscape for NGOs and to expel various agents who cover their activities with the charity activities. The results of the investigations do not exclude “shedding light” on the suspicious role of specific NGOs that act as gangs and extort huge sums from immigrants and refugees.

According to reports, they were arrested four weeks ago in Chios for swimming in a forbidden area where a military base is located. In their defence they claimed to be NGO executives and not related to espionage.