Cypriot, Turkish Foreign Ministers clash in public over reunification talks (vid)

A startling public exchange between Nikos Christodoulides and Mevlut Cavusoglu, the respective Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus and Turkey, took place in front of the press in New York on Monday.

The two officials spoke together for more than two minutes in front of rolling cameras and had a friendly but tense exchange of views about when and how talks will resume in an effort to solve the longstanding Cyprus problem.

Speaking in English, Christodoulides asked Cavusoglou whether he was ready to agree on the terms of reference to restart the talks immediately.

The Turkish minister said that they first need to agree on exactly what they are going to discuss.

Christodoulides then responded by saying, ”We know what we are going to discuss, there is only one solution: A bizonal, bicommunal federation”.