Greece’s THEON SENSORS supplies night vision systems to Switzerland

THEON SENSORS, in cooperation with SAFRAN VECTRONIX for the supply of new night vision instruments and upgrading of existing systems to the Swiss Armed Forces, announced that the program has been approved by the Swiss parliament.

The program approved relates to 187 million Swiss francs for the supply of electro-optical systems to the Swiss Armed Forces, of which approximately 100 million Swiss francs are for products to be manufactured by the THEON SENSORS and SAFRAN VECTRONIX consortium.

More specifically, THEON SENSORS will undertake delivery of 8,385 new NYX night vision cameras and upgrade 5,700 existing night vision instruments. Much of the deal refers to the delivery of new instruments, most notably the latest version of NYX’s binocular night vision system, considered the biggest “best seller” night vision on the world market.

For the Swiss contract, the system provided by THEON will be assembled by VECTRONIX in Switzerland, as provided by the Swiss offset legislation for the main foreign subcontractor (THEON SENSORS in this case).

The assembly stage in Switzerland will be carried out by both THEON SENSORS and SAFRAN VECTRONIX engineers, while THEON will provide all technical and educational support for the final assembly stage.

At the same time, THEON SENSORS is completing deliveries to the German Army, and in particular 1,700 binoculars for German Army drivers, covering the needs of night driving and 906 binocular for the German Special Forces (KSK).

As Vassilios Savvasides, General Manager of THEON SENSORS, stated: “This agreement, signed in December 2018, is a major success for a Greek company to penetrate Germany’s competitive and demanding market, where products have to compete competitively. and meet the highest quality standards. ”

Further, Austria’s final decision on the provision of binocular night-vision systems to its Special Forces is expected. CEO of THEON SENSORS, Mr. Christian Chatziminas, referring to the recent developments, emphasized:

“With our actions in Switzerland and Germany and the expected final decision of Austria, THEON SENSORS will be the most standard night vision equipment for the armed forces of 3 German-speaking states in Europe. The use of the same equipment allows easier cooperation between the armies in joint exercises and operations, while supporting European efforts to harmonize defense equipment.

” THEON monocular and binocular sights are considered to be two of the world’s leaders in quality and performance, and compete equally with the respective European and American products, at a much more competitive price than one can achieve. in this industry. In fact, the company will soon announce new releases. ”

THEON SENSORS is a world-renowned manufacturer of night vision electrical systems used for defense and security in more than 45 countries worldwide.