Houthi alliance claims huge military victory in Yemen

The Yemeni army spokesman Brigadier Yahya Sarie on Saturday announced the fall of three brigades of Saudi enemy and the coalition-hired forces with all personnel and military equipment during the largest military operation of the Yemeni army in Najran axis.

Brigadier Serie said in a statement that the Yemeni army backed by the popular committees seized large quantities of weapons, including hundreds of military cars and armored vehicles during the operation named “Nasr Min Allah” (A victory from Allah).

Sarie confirmed that thousands of the enemy forces, most of them traitors and deceived, were taken prisoners, while hundreds others were killed and injured, including large numbers of commanders, officers and soldiers of the Saudi army during the operation.

“After the surrender of thousands of the enemy troops, the Yemeni army and popular committees worked on securing them from retaliatory airstrikes of the aggression coalition warplanes that targeted the captives with dozens of raids,” the spokesman said.

Hundreds of square kilometers of land were liberated during the operation, he added.

Brig. Sarie noted that the “Nasr Min Allah” operation has lasted for several months and is considered the biggest drawing of the enemy forces since the beginning of the coalition aggression on Yemen, during which the enemy has suffered so far huge losses of equipment and lives.

He revealed that several specialized units of the armed forces, including ground and missile forces, drones and air defense, participated in the operation.

“Only 72 hours after the start of the Nasr Min Allah operation, our forces enforced the full siege on the enemy,” the spokesman said.

Brig. Sarie assured the families of war prisoners of all nationalities that further measures would be taken to protect the prisoners from the targeting of the aggression coalition airstrikes and that they would be treated in a humanitarian way until reaching a comprehensive exchange deal.

The different stages of the operation would be implemented according to the plan, the spokesman added, indicating that the results and details of the operation would be announced in the coming days.