INTRACOM DEFENSE: At the international exhibition “DSEi 2019” with WiSPR Evolution

INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) participated in the international exhibition “DSEi 2019”, one of the world’s largest Security and Defense exhibitions, held in London from September 10-13.

At the IDE exhibition site, the Director General of the General Directorate for Defense Investments and Armaments (GDDIA), Admiral (ret.) Kyriakos Kyriakidis, General Jones, Field Commander of the British Army, as well as other government and military officials from various countries.

At DSEi, IDE unveiled WiSPR Evolution, the new state-of-the-art IP version of the internationally successful WiSPR vehicle intercom system. WiSPR Evolution provides a complete C4I (CIS) infrastructure with advanced C4I capability, advanced performance and high adaptability to business and technical requirements.

It is also worth noting that the IDE stand was powered in silent watch throughout the exhibition by IDE’s new hybrid 20 – 40 kW (HGT20K) power storage system, which caused great interest in military and industrial circles.

About IDE:
Greece’s leading electronics, communications and hybrid energy systems provider in the defense and security areas

Focusing primarily on the armament programs of Greek and foreign defense ministries and NATO

Achieved course and experience in Greece and abroad since 1992

Participates in a series of international defense and security systems development and production programs

Co-production in collaboration with leading international manufacturers in the defense and security fields

High level and experienced personnel. Scientific Staff 54%

Significant international activity: 99% exports of annual turnover of last years, sales in Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Lithuania, Luxemburg (NSPA), Sweden, UK, and the USA

Pioneer in Research & Development investing important percentage of annual turnover

State-of-the-art research laboratories for fast development and testing of new innovative products

Modern and high level industrial infrastructure

Strategic collaborations with major international defense and security manufacturers