Iranian regime arrests anthropologist for… telling the truth

Iran has today confirmed the arrest of yet another anthropologist, Kamil Ahmadi, more than two months after the announcement of the incarceration of Fariba Adelah, a French-speaking researcher. “It is true that this person was arrested,” said Gholamhossein Esmaili, a spokesman for the judiciary, during a press conference in Tehran in response to a question about Ahmadi.

In an article published in August on The Conversation France website, French anthropologist Christian Broberez, an Iranian expert, wrote that Ahmadi was “recently arrested”. Author of a book published in English entitled “In the Name of Tradition: Female Genital mutilation in Iran,” Ahmadi has, according to Broberez, Iranian and British nationality.

A “preliminary investigation” is being conducted following suspicions of “relations with foreign countries and institutes that cooperate with foreign (intelligence) services,” Esmaili said during a news conference broadcast live over the Internet. The French government had announced on July 15 the arrest of Fariba Adelah, a specialist in Shiite Islam and director of research at the Center for International Research (CERI) of Science PO Paris.

Esmaili had confirmed that arrest the following day. Fariba Adelahach “is included in the recently arrested suspects” he said without giving any additional information about her case.