JP: Turkey plans to occupy northeast Syria with $27 billion program

Ankara’s plans ignore existing land owners and seek to turn area into one of the wealthiest areas of Syria, potentially causing instability

In its latest stunt apparently designed to encourage refugees to believe that Turkey will provide them housing that is nicer than what most people in Turkey have, Turkey has floated the idea of a $27 billion program for taking over part of northeast Syria.

Calling this a “safe zone,” Turkey says that its security concerns give it a right to occupy part of Syria. Ankara has talked up the “safe zone” for months, but only now has it floated an ambitious settlement program for 1 million Syrians with modern housing that is the largest of its sort in history.

Iran’s Press TV, apparently representing the view of Iran’s government, argues that the plan means “carving out a patch of land in the Arab country for itself.”

Ankara’s latest proposal is the building of 200,000 homes for more than 1 million Syrian refugees who currently reside in Turkey.

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