US Ambassador to Athens: Greece’s regional energy role on agenda of visiting US Secretary of State Pompeo

Greece’s role in energy developments in the region and in the European Union os one of the topics to be discussed during US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s October 5 visit to Athens, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said while addressing the 1st Annual Eastern Mediterranean Energy Leadership Summit.

Pyatt stressed the need to break Russia’s gas monopoly in the Balkans and emphasized Greece’s constructive role in importing US Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) at Revithousa and exporting it to neighboring Bulgaria.

We want more LNG imports from the US and redistribution to neighboring countries,” stressed Pyatt and called Greece a guarantor of energy security and diversification.

He said the US aims to “give its allies credible and transparent energy choices” in the energy sector and mentioned the US opposes China’s, Iran’s and Russia’s strategies, then congratulated the Greek government on its stance concerning the Iranian tanker “Grace 1”.

Pyatt advocated a Greece-Turkey dialogue on energy issues, which could help build confidence between the two countries.

Finally, he made special reference to hydrocarbon exploration in Greece, noting the involvement of Exxon in two research regions, as well as the role of Greek shipowners in the transportation of US liquefied natural gas.