Erdogan knew they were taking Khashoggi to the “cleaners”, but …

If Saudi Arabia’s heir to the throne, Mohammed Bill Salman, has the ultimate responsibility for the brutal and unjust killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, another leader, just as authoritarian, isjust as much an accomplice if not more so…

By Michalis Ignatiou

The Turkish president has been using dirty methods against his opponents for years. We note that he strengthened the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists while allegedly fighting them, while Ahmet Davutoglu complained that the deep Islamic state was also involved in bombings in 2015 to incite the Kurds.
Evidence shows that the Turkish intelligence services were aware of the plan to exterminate the Saudi journalist and, as it turned out, they knew who and how they killed him inside the consulate of Saudi Arabia, and even at the time of the assassination.

Analyst Andrew Cockburn at the American Conservative Review wrote that the Turkish president may have realized Saudi Arabia’s plans to kill the journalist, as evidence suggests that the Turkish intelligence services were watching everything even from the first stage of planning. .

The revelation is shocking as Mr Erdogan, who has imprisoned hundreds of journalists by turning Turkey into a vast prison, is trying to present himself as a defender of truth and journalism. As is well known, he is neither one, nor the other, and the evidence is massive and devastating for the powerful man of the occupying power [of Cyprus].