Police in China find billions in bullion and cash in former mayor’s home (vid)

A real treasure trove – 13.5 tons of gold and 268 billion yuan (about $ 37 billion) in cash – was found by police officers raiding the home of a former mayor accused of corruption in China.

Zhang Qi, a former mayor and member of the Communist Party of China, has been at the focus of the National Supervisory Committee’s investigation, and after the discovery of the treasure in the basement of his home in Haikou, has been imprisoned. Officials convicted of financial crimes in China face the death sentence.

Police officers were speechless when they found the treasure. A video has recorded the police inspectors as they discovered the huge pile of gold bars in the 57-year-old’s home.

Some of the bars are on the ground, others are mounted on metal shelves or in bags. The price of one ton of pure gold is estimated at $37m, which means that the former mayor had taken good care of his sunset years as his gold treasure alone is valued at half a billion euros! Cash was also found at home in various currencies, not only in yuan, but also in euros and dollars.