Four police killed in Paris stabbing, attacker shot dead

A man wielding a knife stabbed and killed four officers at the police headquarters in the heart of central Paris on Thursday, before being shot dead.

The premises were cordoned off after the lunchtime attack in the historic center of Paris, usually thronged with tourists, and a dozens of police and emergency vehicles had converged at the scene.

At least one metro station in the vicinity of the building, which is close to Notre-Dame cathedral and other major tourist attractions, was closed.

Sources reported that the attacker was shot dead by police in the courtyard of the building, where he was employed.

The man worked in an administrative capacity but it was not immediately clear what his precise work role was.

An emergency message was broadcast over loudspeakers at the courthouse next door, announcing “an attack” at the police headquarters and stating the area was “under surveillance”.

According to reports in the press, the man had espoused Islam in 2017, according to his wife, who added that he was livid the night before the attack and talked of how his superiors belittled him.