Russian National Guard, Chinese police to hold anti-terror drills in Siberia

Over 40 representatives of China’s Hunting Falcon special operations squad and police will hold an anti-terror exercise Cooperation-2019 jointly with their Russian counterparts in the Novosibirsk Region on October 11-18, Chief of the Main Special Forces Department of Russia’s National Guard Igor Semilyak said on Friday.

“This year, we are holding drills focused on anti-terror activity. These drills are conducted annually and we will hold this stage on the territory of the Yermak special operations detachment in Novosibirsk. We will involve over 40 personnel in the drills and the same number of representatives of the Chinese People’s Armed Police will participate in the exercise. We will form combined teams,” he told reporters at a news conference.

The servicemen of China’s Hunting Falcon special operations squad will arrive in Russia for the drills. The Hunting Falcon is designated to fight terrorism on the transport infrastructure, in the open space and in forested terrain, he said.

“During the drills, we will practice joint measures to cut short the activity of criminal groupings on the transport, in a building and in open terrain, including at night. The active phase of the drills will last two days,” the Russian National Guard’s official said.