Trump tweets bizarre message to Turkey… in his ‘great and unmatched wisdom’

By Efthimios Tsiliopoulos

In a ‘strange twist of fate’ as Nobel prize winner Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan, has said, President Trump just hours after his, perceived by some, ‘cave-in’ to Turkey’s self-perceived Sultan Recep Erdogan and his withdrawal of US troops from Kurdish held, liberated from ISIS, and populated areas in NE Syria, known to them as Rojava, has posted an astounding tweet, almost reversing the thinking behind his troop pull-out from the area.

In his shocking tweet, the US President, currently under extreme pressure by the checks and balances foreseen by the US “founding fathers” for alleged wrongdoings in extremis, says that he will destroy Turkey’s economy if it goes beyond of what he perceives as “off-limits”.

Of course, there is this flabbergasting statement of “in my great and unmatched wisdom” which one hopes is a sly aside, but one is not so sure… is one? It just smacks of delusional grandeur, which taken in context becomes… a usual suspect.

And being a grammar Nazi here: aren’t “obliterate” and “totally destroy” synonyms, or so near-synonyms that simians cannot distinguish? Does he write these things himself, or does a semi-trained chip do it?

Or maybe, he is so fiendish that he has a master plan, only he and his cabal know, to make us think he is bonkers.

Meanwhile, Israeli TV media have said that the Pentagon has cut-off Turkey from any intelligence-sharing, they shared.

Sources, among the Kurdish forces, are not complacent but are rather sang froid about the coming hellstorm. My heart is with them. Not, because they are sinless. You cannot be fighting a centuries old war and lay blameless, even though you are fighting the Turk. But because they are a resilient people deserving of their homeland.

In any event, instability seems to be the name of the game here.