Iranian woman fleeing domestic abuse is fighting against extradition from Greece (vid)

A 37-year-old who fled her home, illegally crossed Evros in Greece with her 6-year-old daughter last summer, to escape from her husband who was systematically abusing her is pleading not to be extradited to Iran.

Sarare Khandemi was arrested in Orestiada on an Interpol warrant issued by Iran after her husband accused her of kidnapping a minor and taking part in anti-government demonstrations.

Iran is demanding the release of Khandemi, who is being held in the Korydallu women’s prison.

Her extradition had been decided at the court of first instance, but the case is being heard on Tuesday by the Supreme Court.

“I want to stay in Greece, I don’t want to go back to Iran. If I come back, they’ll kill me, ” Sarare Khandemi told ANT1.

“I’m not afraid for me, but my child. If they kill me, what will my child do? ”

“In Iran, the government is very bad. First, prison and then death! The police will arrest me and kill me. My husband wants to marry my daughter by the time she’s 9! My husband hit her. She injured her head once he hit her.”

The 37-year-old detainee is supported by inmates at Korydallos women’s prisons.

Khandami is also being supported by convicted for participating in the “Revolutionary Struggle” urban terrorist group, Pola Rupa.

“I find it unthinkable to accept the request for extradition. I met Sarare here, as soon as I heard her story I was immediately mobilized. To prevent her return to Iran by any means. Just because I’m a mother, I’ll do everything I can from here,” P. Roupa told ANT1.