Russian Army reinforces in Aleppo to block Ankara’s possible attacks

The Russian Army has reinforced its troops in the city of Tal Rafat in Northern Aleppo to confront the imminent attack by the Turkish Army in Northern and Eastern Syria, the Arabic-language media outlets said.

The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted local sources in Tal Rafat city as saying that the Russian troops have increased their patrols over the past two days in a region located between the town of Shirawa and Deir Jamal towards Kashta’ar in the surroundings of Tal Rafat.

The sources noted that the intensified patrolling by the Russian troops in the region is carried out with the aim of reinstating ceasefire in Tal Rafat and after the Turkish Army’s artillery attacks on the surrounding areas of Tal Rafat from the areas under their control.

The English-language Al-Masdar News Website, meantime, reported that after Ankara’s recent threat to launch military operations in Northern and Eastern Syria, the Russian Army has increased the number of its troops in Tal Rafat.

Al-Masdar also said that the presence of the Russian troops is aimed at blocking the Turkish Army’s possible attack on the region.