Turkish electromagnetic railgun unveiled

Turkish defense company Yeteknoloji’s Electromagnetic Railgun (EMRG), named Sahi-209 Blok 2, was unveiled to a delegation of defense experts, head of the company said.

Experts from Presidency of Defense Industries, Turkish Armed Forces, General Directorate of Security and Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company analyzed the railgun, Fazil Hizal told Anadolu Agency.

Sahi-209 provides ease of logistics, use, operation, and storage security by using electricity instead of explosive propellants and shooting barrels with the hypersonic velocity (six times the speed of sound).

The railgun, which has 50-kilometer (31 miles) effective range with a maximum 10 megajoule pulse power supply, can be used in land-based platforms, vessels, and mobile tactical platforms.

“The EMRG can be made operational for land-based platforms within one year upon request,” Hizal said.