Greek FM: We will not let the Turks play games at our expense

“We will not let the Turks play games at our expense,” said Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in an interview on Wednesday, talking to “Proto Thema” radio.

He noted that Turkey should not attempt to use migration to blackmail the European Union and referred to a mechanism being prepared by the government which, as he said, will give Greece absolute control over its borders.

Asked about the “vague” U.S. stance on Syria, Dendias said that, as regards Greece, “the U.S. has never given us any reason to doubt its credibility”. He also underlined the fact that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not include Ankara in its recent tour, underlining that “I have no reason to doubt that the things he said will not be upheld as regards ourselves”.

On a question asking “how unpredictable” Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan might be, Dendias replied: “We seek to be serious and predictable actors in the region. Everyone knows our red lines. We are playing on the chessboard of international law, not that of the gunboats”.