If you’re Croatian vote for Playboy bunny Ava Karabatic for president

Ava Karabatic, a former Playboy bunny, announced she would be running for president of Croatia in the country’s elections to be held in January.

The sexy Playboy model informed the public of her decision via a post she uploaded on her personal Instagram profile, accompanying her announcement with some raunchy photos of her lying on a beach in Pescara, Italy.

The 31-year-old, who was born in Zadar has in the past advocated for the legalisation of prostitution in order to keep sex-workers safe while raising tax revenue. In addition she has also called for the the decriminalisation of marijuana.

“I decided to run for president. I’ve received a lot of support messages on Instagram and thank you for that. Politics is my second passion. I can’t stand the bad things happening in my country. It is as though they are blind, even though their eyes are fine. Young people are leaving the country and birth rates are falling. I know I will get many comments from trolls for being a star, but there is also my spiritual side, as I am a professor of Italian and Roman literature. I’ve written an autobiography, a novel, starred in a movie, and also became a painter,” she wrote in her post on Instagram.