Turkey attacks Kurdish militia positions in Northeastern Syria

The Turkish Army has started its attacks from air and ground on the military positions of the SDF in Northeastern Hasaka near the borders with Turkey, media reports said.

The Arabic-language website of the Russian Sputnik news agency reported that the Turkish fighter jets pounded a center of the Kurdish militias in Tal Tavil in the surrounding areas of the city of al-Malekieh in Northeastern Hasaka.

It noted that Turkish Army’s military attacks inflicted heavy losses on the Kurdish militias, and said that during an attack on the village of Khanikeh adjacent to the passage of Kurdish forces known as Simalka which linked Syria’s Hasaka to Iraqi Kurdistan region, 80 percent of the passage’s two bridges were destroyed.

Meantime, it was reported that a military convoy carrying weapons and heavy military equipment from Iraq to the areas under the SDF’s control was destroyed.

The SDF has with the US help opened Simalka border crossing to construct a supply route from Iraqi Kurdistan’s region to Hasaka province.

The Turkish airstrikes aimed at cutting this supply route, while the US has sent over 6,000 trucks packed with weapons and military equipment from this border crossing for Kurdish militias.

Meantime, the Turkish Army’s artillery units pounded the town of al-Khademeh to East of al-Malekieh in Hasaka province and in the Syria-Iraq-Turkey border triangle.

The local sources also reported that a military convoy comprising military and armored vehicles of the Turkish Army started moving towards Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo via Jarablus crossing as the Ankara-backed National Army terrorist group has declared a state of alert.

The Turkish Defense Ministry in a statement said that the Turkish Army is fully prepared for conducting military operations against the Kurdish militias.