Finland condemns Turkish invasion, halts weapon exports to Ankara

Turkey’s operation in Syria was condemned by the Finnish government, which also pledged to halt arms exports to Ankara. It is noted that just three weeks ago, the Finnish government had approved the export of drones to Turkey.

“The situation is serious. As for my area of ​​responsibility, I note: Finland does not export defense material to countries that declare war or violate human rights, “said Finnish Defense Minister Andy Kaikkonen. “No new licenses for arms exports from Finland to Turkey will be granted at present. The situation is also being investigated for export licenses for weapons already delivered,” he said.

The Finnish government also issued a statement condemning Turkey’s operation in Syria, noting that there is no military solution to the Syrian conflict. “Turkey’s actions are exacerbating the already complex crisis in Syria. We are very concerned about the consequences that these measures could have on the humanitarian situation in Syria,” Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne said.

He stressed that new developments could trigger a new refugee crisis. Turkish operation in northern Syria continues for a second day. Turkey’s defense ministry has announced that the Turkish army has hit 181 targets of the Kurds and the Islamic State in northern Syria.