The Kurds were not present at Normandy, rants Trump, says naught of how important Turkish presence was on D-Day

Under criticism that is more intense than ever, Donald Trump once again made another change of course in his comments about Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria and attacks on Kurdish rebels.

The US president, after first warning Turkey, told reporters that the Kurds, with whom the US has cooperated in the war against jihadists, are good people, but did not help the allies in Normandy during World War II!

“Now the Kurds are fighting for their land, just so you understand. They’re fighting for their land. And as somebody wrote in a very very powerful article today: They didn’t help us in the Second World War, they didn’t help us with Normandy, as an example, they mention names of different battles… but they’re there to help us with their land,” Trump said.

Earlier, of course, he warned Erdogan that he would “wipe out Turkey’s economy” as the Senators prepare a bill to impose severe sanctions on Erdogan and the neighboring country.