Explosion on Iranian tanker in Persian Gulf

Explosions triggered a fire on an Iranian oil tanker, which sailed near the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah, Iranian media reported today, adding that experts believe it was a “terrorist act”.

The Sinopa tanker, owned by Iran’s state-owned oil company (NIOC), has suffered serious damage and oil is pouring into the Red Sea, sources said, who did not want to be named at the ISNA news agency. Iranian state television has reported that two tanker tanks have been damaged by the blast. “Experts consider this to be a terrorist act,” they added.

The Nour news agency, which is affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), has said the tanker crew is safe and secure. “No crew member has been injured by the explosion (…) the situation is under control,” Nour said. The company itself announced that two rockets targeted the tanker causing the explosion, according to its website.