Turkey claims 277 Kurd fighters killed, SOHR says 29

A total of 277 terrorists have been neutralized so far since Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria, the Turkish National Defense Ministry said Friday.

The ministry said on Twitter that “49 more PKK/PYD-YPG terrorists neutralized during night-long operations within the scope of Operation Peace Spring. A total of 277 terrorists neutralized so far since Turkey started Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, meanwhile, noted that the number of casualties in the ranks of the Syria Democratic Forces, the military councils and the Internal Security Forces who were killed due to Turkish aerial and ground bombardment as well as clashes against the Turkish forces and their loyal factions since the start of the Turkish military operation yesterday afternoon rose to 29, while the number of casualties of the Syrian factions which are loyal to Ankara and the casualties of the pro-Turkey cells who were killed in targeting and clashes against the SDF during the same period, increased to 17, but the number of casualties is expected to increase because of the presence of tens of injuries, some of them have seriously wounded.