Hellenic Navy: Offer of two Cassard class destroyers from the French until Belh@rra frigates arrive?

In the July issue of the Greek Defense & Technology Magazine, exclusive information is provided that the official announcement of a Belh@rra shipbuilding agreement for the Hellenic Navy is nearer, while the French government is considering an interim solution. a loan of two CASSARD-class destroyers. It is not yet known whether the latter are acceptable by the Hellenic Navy.

The French Navy’s CASSARD (D 614) and JEAN BART (D 615) type F70 AAs carry an American Standard 1 Medium-range Surface Action (SM-1MR) Guided Missile System.

CASSARD’s kiel was set in the yards of the then Maritime Construction Directorate (DCN) in Lorraine on 3 September 1982, the launch took place on 6 February 1985 and the entry into service on 29 July 1988.

The corresponding dates for JEAN BART were March 12, 1986, March 19, 1988 and September 1, 1991. Details in the July issue of “E&T” released. We may come back to the issue with some thoughts on the news heralded by our colleagues.