Turks strike US troops… by mistake

The US Special Forces have been trapped amidst the fire of Turkish artillery striking Kurdish posts in northern Syria.

Newsweek magazine has been informed by an Iraqi Kurdistan intelligence officer and a senior Pentagon official that Special Forces operating on Mashtenour hill in the town of Kobane, where the majority of Kurds are, were found under Turkish artillery fire. It is believed that they were fired upon by mistake …

A senior Pentagon official told the magazine that Turkish forces need to be aware of US positions. and where exactly they are. He could not identify the exact number of personnel present when the strike occurred but said the number was small, somewhere between 15 and 100 troops.

After publishing the text on Newsweek’s website, US officials confirmed that a shell from the Turkish artillery “landed” near the US military base in Kobane.

In today’s press conference,  Chief of Staff of the Army General Milley said that the US is giving the US military bases to the Turkish military “to make sure they know exactly where the US forces are” and not beating them.