IDF reservists: We must not stand by when we see another nation abandoned by its allies and left defenseless

Dozens of IDF reservists have called on Israel to provide military and humanitarian support to the Kurds in Syria following Turkey’s attack in the north of the war-torn country.

“We, as Israelis and Jews, must not stand by when we see another nation abandoned by its allies and left defenseless,” read an online petition started by Maj. (res.) Yair Fink. “We remember very well the blood of our people, what happens when the nations of the world abandon the fate of a people.”

The petition, signed by dozens of reservists with the ranks ranging from captain to lieutenant colonel, was addressed to Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi.

The letter was sent shortly before the prime minister himself announced intentions to offer support to the Kurds.

The petition called on Israel to provide food, clothing, medicine, intelligence and military assistance to the Kurds in northern Syria.

“Israel is a country that has the means to help the Kurdish people, and now is the time to do so,” it read, adding that while “we know that there are broad strategic implications here, and of course we are not fully aware of the overall picture, we, who have been educated on the values of personal examples and the sanctity of life, cannot help but feel it at this time and would be happy to assist in any action.”

The petition was published on Facebook several hours before Netanyahu condemned Turkey’s invasion of Kurdish areas, warning “against the ethnic cleansing” of the Kurds by Turkey and that Israel was ready to provide humanitarian aid to the “gallant” Kurdish people.